My section in the series of "Who Do You Think You Are" is due to be broadcast in the UK on Wednesday September 5th
The experience was extraordinary in so many indescribable ways.
Over the years I’ve been learning how to appreciate each moment in it’s own context.
Needless to say…. I was profoundly moved and affected by what I discovered on this journey.
"History" can be a shared and connective experience for every single one of us….whether we realise it or not.
I have no personal illusions or desires for grandeur.
On the contrary, what was uncovered for me was the realisation that "dignity" and "self preservation" is a fundamental necessity for all human existence…no matter what the circumstance.
NONE of us would be here now, without the ones who came before…
(A significantly humbling thought in itself.)
Our ancestors are totally essential to our every waking moment, although most of us don’t even have the faintest idea about their lives, their trials, their hardships or their challenges.
I am deeply proud of my fore bearers, and the fact that they lived and survived in conditions that could only be described as barely tolerable in this this day and age.
And, more pertinently, I’m especially proud of the female lineage.
Bear in mind ladies and gentlemen, that women’s health care and reproductive rights are relatively new advents on the global scene, post 2nd World War and Marie Stopes ( if you don’t know about her..check her out and be amazed )
Making no bones about it….I completely and utterly endorse reproductive health care, safety and security for women and girls….UNIVERSALLY! Go Melinda G!!
And I bow my head in acknowledgement to every young woman or girl who has gone through the experiences that countless young women and girls have to cope with an