Can you find enough personal value in the small/unacknowledged things you do as and of themselves, or do you need to be literally witnessed or acknowledged to get some measure of your essential value?
Millions of people create invisible acts of kindness, compassion, selflessness and generosity on a daily basis, without regard for attention or reward.
You might see them, or not. You might know about them, or not.
They might be there at every turn, whether you witness them or not.
Not everyone is paid into self aggrandisement or the display of ostentatious wealth.
While the magnetic allure of rampant consumerism continues to spoon feed our relentless barrage of hypnotic information overload, we actually need to wake up to the fact that all of this exists because of no one else but "us".
If we hadn’t literally bought into it, none of it would actually exist.
We can’t blame others for their exploits towards the investment of mindless dumbed down cultural voyeurism, when we’ve all been part of it’s making.

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