Hokay!….So…I’m just on the verge of another rev up. If you saw my diary you’d understand. There’s a ton of stuff ahead, and that’s alright by me.
Sometimes I just need to check out. I’m talking about the clock here. The ubiquitous clock that tells me that it’s time to get up and move myself towards whatever particular direction I’ve planned to place myself in.
And there’s nothing more satisfying than engaging with the things that fill you with enthusiasm and passion. That could  be anything from learning how to cook a perfect fried egg, or attending a demonstration.
Life’s yin and yang, inward and outward, hot and cold, sweet and sour…..finding the balance point between all of that kind of opposite stuff is the way to go methinks.
The question is..do you think you might be conditioned to the point of “brainwashed”? …or do you think you’ve still retained some kind of objective/autonomous stance with regard to human/societal values?
I see an awful lot of sheep and lemmings out there…and..it’s kind of par for the course I guess.
As a tax paying individualistic consumer who’s dependent on the massive luxury of clean ( hot and cold ) running water/ electricity and gas supply..the food supply available to purchase in stores ( that I don’t grow)..transport systems that pollute the environment…I’m living in the tiny minority of folks who have choices….as opposed to the billions of those that don’t.
But being aware of that, I’m trying to make a TINY bit of contribution to change towards equilibrium and balance in my own way.
So the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, coming up on March 8th has a massive significance for me.
I was partially sleeping you see. Many of us are.
I realize that what I have, in terms of access to education/health/democracy/freedom etc..wasn’t actually a given.
Right at this point, hundreds of thousands of citizens of Egypt are bravely facing up to their situation, and demanding change…demanding human rights…and they’re facing up to personal danger/threat/retribution and violence in order to risk the possibility of a better future. They’re prepared to sacrifice their own  personal comfort zone in order to address these issues.
So….whether you’re a sheep.. A lemming…a visionary… A fighter…a pacifist..or a martyr… Let’s just wish  peace, compassion and all round goodwill on all of us..whichever side of the fence we tip into in this crazy old world.
And let’s hope that somehow…”goodness” might prevail…( whatever that means to you…I know what it means to me..it’s not that complicated actually)