I’m somewhat heavy of heart today at the terrible things  that are happening in Egypt…or for that matter, in so many places around the world.
The situation is so complex that it’s hard to get a grasp on it from my perspective. It’s just so distressing when people are in a situation where violence has won over. These violent situations just escalate. We all carry a certain potential for disharmony and discord at varying levels  or degrees. The anger, the sense of righteous indignance, the urge to act out, the intolerance, the  extremist viewpoints, the divisiveness, the abuse  etc.. are all so much part of the human condition, it seems.
I can’t ever see how solutions can be found in violence, and yet I realise that in given circumstances, people sometimes have to fight for their rights, or for their freedom from oppression.
Does anyone have a handle on what’s really happening in Cairo? Is there any kind of  potential solution, or is the bloodbath just going to continue to get worse?