God bless the Morris Minor traveller! I’m not much of a car person, but there are some cars that just have a certain "something"…This little car quietly speaks volumes sitting quietly under a London lamppost in the moonlight, just waiting to be noticed by whoever passes by, and appreciated for it’s modest qualities. It’s steeped in nostalgia for people of a certain age.. like me..from a time when people used to gather wide eyed on the street to gaze in amazement if ever a car drove by…( there weren’t so many around in those days!) Car design was still stylish and quaint back in the Sixties. Cars had great names, like the Zephyr.. the Cortina.. the Humber Sceptre, or the Hillman Minx. I’m always waiting for car manufactures to bring back these designs, instead of the run of the mill stuff they churn out by the shed load these days..The Mini is enjoying a massive comeback right now. Send in your car pictures all ye vehicle design enthusiasts! Let’s wax lyrical!