From the sublime to the ridiculous..
I have somewhat weak wrists..they’re not strong enough to open those very tightly sealed tops on glass jars. I struggle..I puff and pant and exert all my strength…I try that age old tip of banging the lid with a spoon. It rarely works. I find myself cursing and struggling till eventually – having to admit defeat, I ultimately have to turn to the strength and skills of others who are inevitably FAR stronger than me.
But no longer! I have found a solution to my frailty in these matters…I have discovered the Good Grip!
Truth be told, I’m an absolute sucker for kitchen gadgets. I go weak at the knees, and fall under a certain kind of dazed spell wandering around the culinary sections of department stores, where there are widget thingumajigs for almost every conceivable kitchen requirement. The "Good Grip" has become my saviour in moments of despair! I can now open jars in a split second, with no extraneous effort and no expletives resounding against the walls!
It’s neat, nifty, handy and thrifty..A MUST for housewives and limp wristed house husbands everywhere!
Ladies and gentlemen…You don’t need to suffer the humiliation of feeing inadequate any longer.
So don’t waste time – Solve your obstinately stubborn lid problems right away!
Do yourself a favour- Get a grip!