I sprained my ankle three days ago. Something I don’t recall ever happening before. It was SO easy. I just didn’t see the steps ahead of me and….Whoops! Voila! Down she went!
It could have been a great deal worse. It could have been fractured or broken. And if someone hadn’t been standing right next to me to grasp hold of, I could have completely fallen down and caused a lot more damage.
So I went online and looked up "sprained ankle" (as you do) to get a bit more information, and there in front of my very eyes popped a photograph of a sprained ankle, looking virtually identical to my left foot, verifying that I was indeed suffering from the aforementioned affliction. It’s quite a look. Bruising and swelling. Bluish tinged toes. Don’t try this at home!
Folks…If you ever go over your ankle..try to avoid walking on it ( like I did… duh!). Get your foot up and comfortably raised with a friendly pack of ice as soon as possible.
Arnica cream or gel is a helpful accoutrement…And an elastic support stocking is helpful too.