Thank you for taking the time and effort to post your comments in response to my blog yesterday. Everyone had a good point to make, and I think that you were all consistent in acknowledging that something urgently needs to be done with regard to violence against women and girls. Naturally, this message broadly incorporates all expressions of abuse, but in this case it is most specifically aimed towards women and girls, because gender disparity is the core issue that needs to be addressed. Global gender disparity, as it plays out in terms of logistical rights, human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, education, poverty etc..
Despicable occurrences are all to common. Far too many of incidents like these go unacknowledged and disregarded by the authorities, who should be reliable, vigilant and effective in pursuing the abusers, but who let us down far too often.
Many women find they are dismissed or ignored. That is what has brought thousands of people out in the streets to protest. It is their right to do so…and they must continue, until the powers that be take some effective action.
It’s time for every society to tackle the issue, and keep banging the drum until something is done to turn this horrific tide of violence around. 
Perhaps some of you might feel inclined to become more engaged with organisations who do great work on this…Like V Day, or Women for Women.
As this will be my last blog of the year, I’m looking forwards to continuing my dialogue with you in the next one.
Meanwhile…sending out a message of peace and goodwill to one and all everywhere!
Over and out from me till 2013!