Continuing on with theme M….The man!!!

Reading the various reviews of Morrissey’s autobiography, the divisive reactions are fascinating…With a life steeped in the acute articulation of what it feels like to be an "outsider’s outsider"… Mr M continues to stir and shake us up.
I’m appreciative and grateful for his extraordinary artistry, artifice and social/personal commentary… and more than anything I wish him the freedom and space to be himself…unencumbered and unhampered by anyone’s "opinion" or projection of who they think he is or should be. He’s made a profound connection and difference to a multitude of lives, which is more than can be said for the belligerent scribers who seem to have a bone to pick with his very existence.
We all have to live with ourselves at the end of the day, till the end of our days…and I think he’s a very elegant survivor.
God bless Morrissey and all who ever dared to sail forth, with or without a compass.