Continuing on the food theme…Here’s an ensaimada. If you’re vegetarian, please stop reading this right away, as even the thought of it could do you harm.

The Ensaïmada (Catalan pronunciation: [É™nsÉ™.iˈmaðÉ™], pl. ensaïmades; Spanish: ensaimada) is a pastry product from Majorca, Spain & Peru. It is a common cuisine eaten in most former Spanish territories in Latin America and the Philippines, which has been continuously made and eaten for a very long time. The first written references to the Majorcan ensaïmada date back to the 17th century. At that time, although wheat flour was mainly used for making bread, there is evidence that this typical pastry product was made for festivals and celebrations.The ensaïmada de Mallorca is made with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, mother dough and a kind of reducedpork lard named saïm. The handmade character of the product makes it difficult to give an exact formula, so scales have been established defining the proportion of each ingredient, giving rise to an excellent quality traditional product. The name comes from the Catalan word saïm (pronounced: [səˈim]), which means ‘pork lard’ (from Latin sagimen, meaning ‘fat’). Source:ïmada

It’s probably one of the more unhealthily things you can eat on the planet, but it’s quite delicious, eaten fresh and warm…
Typical! Why is it that most of the things you really should avoid fall into that category…Isn’t that galling!
Ps..You usually feel pretty bloated and disgusting after you’ve eaten it..which is the price you have to pay.