I drove my daughter over to Brixton this evening. She had tickets to see D’Angelo performing at the Brixton Academy and was very excited about going. This is how Brixton was looking a few hours ago. If you’re reading this in a cold country please write in and tell us how you do it! C’mon Finland Russia Norway Sweden Slovakia Roumania Greenland Iceland Canada etc!!..Let us into your secrets of how to keep the cold at bay..Head bowed to anyone and everyone out there in minus degrees and under. It’s freezing in the UK and I’d forgotten how paralysing to the bone chilly it makes me feel. Coming from the NE of Scotland, people tend to think that you must be hale and hearty and well used to the cold. I tell you brothers and sisters..I am NOT used to it and I doubt that I ever will be after all these years!! I have a bunch of hot water bottles and blankets over the duvet as well as jumpers and scarves keeping me warm at night.and I STILL feel cold!