Thank you for all your posts in response to the last blog about Gered Mankovitch’s exhibition.
In case anyone happens to be in London over the next couple of months, you might want to visit the exhibition and check out his work directly.
It’s really quite an exceptional collection of musical photography. Gered was such fun to work with. You always felt that you were creating something special in his studio.
Like anyone who’s lived through several decades, I suspect we all get the feeling of time having a "concertina" effect.
What’s past is past, but it still exists in different forms..memory traces, recordings, photographs, or such like.
We’re all resonant with memories and experiences…and the only time that’s actually occurring is NOW..but that’s continuously changing…As I write, I’m just about to send you a glowing Buddha to remind you/me /us of impermanence!
Breathe dear…Just keep breathing.