Thought for the day… Back in the early 70’s, Dave’s ( Eurythmics) stepfather, Julian, was obsessed with the fact that the ice caps were rapidly melting… He used to underline and quote passages from academic books about global sea levels rising exponentially while the planet grew hotter. He even used to go out walking with a sign board to warn people about what was happening. It seemed mildly eccentric at the time, but it made total sense. The ‘hippy’ movement was originally all about ecology and the destruction of ‘Gaia’.. but our Western world and post World War 2 modern consumer society is driven by profit, convenience and speed. Everything we do wreaks havoc on the planet.. This can’t be fixed by recycling plastic bags, straws and bottles.. It would require a MASSIVE turn around in industrial, economic, manufacturing, social, cultural systems and practices. Everything is inextricably interwoven.. Humans are the dominant creative and destructive life form on the planet. photograph courtesy of @mikeowenphotography