Nelson Mandela

Well….i had to get up really early on Sunday to get to the Andrew Marr show. I’m not really an “early morning” person..but I made it on time. Phew!
They were keen for me to perform, and I thought the best thing might be “Redemption Song”, as it sums a lot of things up about the age old struggle for justice and human rights, (which is most befitting in the context of Nelson Mandela). If I say that he is a “paragon” of virtue in a particular way, I’m not exaggerating. It is HIS example that has drawn me towards the issue that I’m so passionate about, and HIS spirit that gives me the determination to  pursue it.
I don’t think I played that well…It’s really hard to just perform ‘cold” like that. I screwed up here and there, but it doesn’t matter…What matters it trying to convey an issue of human rights..Trying to give it coverage and exposure. Trying to keep the issue on the table in one way or another.
Thankyou so much for your words of encouragement and recognition. I don’t take compliments that easily, but I do value what you express, and it’s very supportive.
This will be a week of meetings and rehearsals, and I  have a sense that Friday will be momentous in all kinds of ways….Stay with the force ma peeps…it’s all about “us” at the end of the day xxxxxxx