Last night

Last night I left the building without saying a word to a few people who had waited outside to meet me. I thought that they’d been told that I was just going to get straight on the bus.
That’s one of the very few times I’ve ever done that in my career. In fact I don’t remember that ever happening before. By and large I’d give myself pretty much full marks for politeness and consideration…

Unfortunately an incident took place towards the end of the set that really shook me up. And believe the 30 years I’ve been performing, I’m not that easily shaken. The security at the hall were extremely lax, and Mr "Nightmare on Elm Street "( or whatever weird thing was going on in his head) should never have been allowed to get anywhere near. Trust me…it wasn’t nice.
I’m usually very patient and easy going with most kinds of behaviour in an audience…but that was really freakish and disturbing, whatever the hell it was. He owes me and my band a fucking apology.
Anyhow I send my apologies to anyone who waited. What a drag. If you ask anyone who’s waited for me after any of my shows, they’ll tell you that I usually spend quite some time signing etc…
But you know what…Hey…I’m a human being folks..and I just needed to get out of there because I’d had it. I’m really sorry if you waited for me…normally it would have been completely different.
In any case…apart from that…it was a damned good gig. I think everyone seemed to love it… Except for the My Space gentleman who’s so upset with me … now you can go and burn all my records in a ritualistic pile or sell them on Ebay my friend..!!..but I do agree with you about Carina. As I said before She’s is a huge talent…get there on time to catch her set. Love AL