I used to suffer quite badly from the fear of flying, but I seem to have managed to overcome this over the last few years.
I practice a fairly simple technique. It’s called "F…. It." And I invented it all by myself. It’s just a more vernacular way of saying "Feel the fear and do it anyway"!
I know what  anxiety and panic attacks are like.
It’s a virtual Pandora’s box. Once it’s opened, all the rest of the stuff comes flying out, and you can’t seem to put the lid back on.
Every time I went on stage to perform, I’d get excruciating stage fright. I’d have a knot in my stomach just thinking about it, particularly  during the small hours of the night before.
I don’t buy into the notion that it’s good to be nervous before you go on stage. It’s not good. It’s rubbish!
For me, it’s essential to be relaxed.. But that doesn’t mean that you become inert. It just means that your heart isn’t pounding as if it’s going to exit through your ribcage, your stomach isn’t threatening to expel it’s contents
 either way…Your body’s not shaking like a leaf, and you’re not  heightened and hyperventilatingly aware of every tiny nano detail.
Fear creates tremendous blocks. We carry it around subliminally most of the time, until it smacks us in the face or kicks us  in the stomach. That’s the point when we swiftly turn into quivering wrecks of our previously composed selves.
So I just tell myself…."F…. it"..and it  seems to work a treat!
You heard about it right here from the horses mouth folks.
Any tips on keeping away stress under duress…Do share!  
PS..(It has to be of the perks of being older).