Annie talks about her visit to the Annual Leadership Conference of teachers:
I just got back from Birmingham where I had been invited to speak at the Annual Leadership Conference of teachers… One moment that stood out, was when I asked all 1800 people if they could put their hands up if they already knew that one in three pregnant women are HIV positive women in South Africa, and only a handful raised their arms. For some reason, this staggering fact hasn’t penetrated our Western sensibility, broadly speaking. My mission for the last nine years has been to make people aware as to how women and children are impacted and affected by HIV and AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa, where 90% of people living with HIV reside. For some reason, people just don’t seem to know the facts… Oh well…today, 1,795 people have become a little bit more aware of what’s been taking place for over two decades. I hope they might get inspired to share some of this with their pupils.