On Thursday 27th October Annie received The Lovie Person of the Year Award in recognition of her relentless use of social media to leverage her platform and outreach to create a better world for others. The Lovie Awards sighted Annie as an example that the Internet can be utilised as a highly effective tool to amplify messaging in terms of global advocacy and activism including her work supporting organisations such as Oxfam, Amnesty International, Comic Relief, Greenpeace, 46664, UNAIDS and The British Red Cross, among countless others, as well as promoting gender empowerment through the organisation she founded, The Circle.ngo.
Due to unforeseen circumstances Annie was unable to attend the ceremony in person but you can now read her acceptance speech below:
“Dear friends,
I am so sorry and disappointed that due to unforeseen circumstances I’m unable to join you this evening, but please be assured that in spite of my physical absence, I’m right there with you in Lovie spirit ­ feeling somewhat amazed and privileged to be the recipient of 2016’s Lovie Person of the Year Award!
The Internet is one of the most powerful visionary inventions ever created – and I think one of the ways it truly works best is when we use it to connect, inform and inspire engagement towards positive social and political transformation.
As a performer, communicator, advocate for women and girls and Global Feminist, I am awed by the extraordinary potential of technology ­ which has given me the opportunity to evolve from the semi Luddite I once was, to the absolute Lovie I have now become!
Sending much love to everybody tonight
Many thanks and much gratitude from
Annie Lennox”