Together We Can

Several well known political figures, business leaders, celebrities have joined members of the public to support a new online film urging public action on climate change. In the film, they unite behind a simple environmental message – that it is only by working together that we can tackle climate change.

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The new short film called Together, We Can was premiered at a high level meeting of businesses and civil society groups supporting Together – the UK’s biggest climate campaign – to mark its first anniversary. The ground-breaking campaign has already enabled UK consumers to save half a million tonnes of CO2 since its launch last year, as well as over £100million on their household bills, proving that small individual actions can add up to make a big difference on climate change.

UK Prime Minister Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, new London Mayor Boris Johnson and former UK Prime Minister Rt Hon Tony Blair, team up to lead a cast of campaign partner CEOs, staff and celebrities in the new online film. The film also features international stars and celebrities including: England goalkeeper David James, singer songwriter and activist Annie Lennox, TV presenter June Sarpong and supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

From today, the film can be viewed online at and a number of other leading UK websites. The film will be emailed to 1,300 opinion-formers and influencers and widely distributed online via websites such as YouTube, LondonPaper, MySpace and MSN to generate a wave of popular support.

Find out how to save money and CO2 with Together’s new Savers’ Guide at