The SING Campaign Update

We’d like to share with you a list of activity and achievements The SING Campaign has accomplished since launch in September 2007. Click the title of this story to read it now.


The SING Campaign …. So far

29th September – 12th November  2007

SING Tour USA Towards the end of each show Annie introduced the SING campaign to every audience.

7th November went live

14th November

Began to seed news about the release forums. Included all official forums for Choir Of 23, biggest gay community forums and all Annie Lennox / Eurythmics related groups.

15th November

MSN SING music video exclusive ran for 1 week

16th November

Annie performed for Children In Need  on  UK TV  which  had  5-10 million viewers across the country

22nd November went live

26th November

Myspace Exclusive of  Africa footage begins – 23 million people viewed

28th November

200+ fan sites were provided with press release. Resulted in over 150 of them posting news on their sites.

1ST December

SING released
Performed  live for the 46664 Concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, which gave an opportunity to give numerous interviews  for press, radio and TV about the HIV AIDS pandemic. This was followed by a filming trip for SING

Advent Calendar went live. Received 14,000 messages of thanks

My Space featured SING on their Impact Channel on 1st December for 3 weeks

11th December

Annie performed live at the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. She also had a meeting with the Norwegian prime minister, and gave several interviews about SING during her visit

25th January

Annie attended a special dinner at Davos, and gave a SING presentation

11th February

SING Facebook  went live

25th February

SING Press Day

28th February

Annie gave a SING presentation for Unicef Mother’s Day Fundraising Lunch in Dublin.

29th February

Ireland AM TV Show and various interviews for radio and press

3rd March

Official SING shop went live

5th March

Daily Telegraph Interview circ 890,000

Marie Claire Interview 300,000

6th March

London Paper Interview – circ 500,000

9th March

Culture Magazine circ 1,250,000

7th March

SING Press Event and  official launch – Held at the Frontline Club

BBC London

Sky News




10th March

BBC Breakfast News – 24 million viewers worldwide

Body Shop Press Signing Event

14th March

Interview on This Morning – 1 million viewers

Sport Relief – 4.5 million people viewers. The SING footage received the highest influx of donations. 2.5 million watched Annie’s performance.

17th March

2 track CD single released to retailers / Maxi cd released

31st March

Press Day  interviews

Pink Paper circ 886,664

The Scotsman circ 53,420

4th April

Annie goes to Los Angeles for Idol Gives Back/SING Press day. Interviews broadcast across the US

6th April

Idol Gives Back airs –  Annie performs “Many Rivers to Cross “17.5 million views

9th April

Annie attends the Global Philanthropy Forum, where she introduces  the SING campaign and performs live

3rd June 

Glamour Award held in London –  Annie wins the Inspiration Award

12th June

Annie is given the Red Cross Humanitarian Award

27th June

Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert Hyde Park
Annie performs with the Agape Choir

7th July

Annie gives several media interviews, as well as a SING presentation..then performs live at the piano in Germany  for Burda Live

10th July

Annie duets with Alicia Keys at the launch of the fund raising Black Ball in London for “Keep a Child Alive”.

19th July

Berlin – Annie performs  live for  Elle Magazine’s 20th Anniversary  event–( SING  receive the proceeds from the auction of 20 exclusive designer dresses)

3rd –  8th August

Annie attends the International Aids Conference in Mexico with Oxfam, and gives many press , radio and television interviews.
During this time she spoke at a high level women’s conference, met with the Mexican health minister, spoke at a session for parliamentarians, gave a speech in the main square, met with an HIV positive women’s group at the Oxfam office, and visited a clinic in a rural area, where she also interviewed two HIV positive women.