The Fate of Union Terrace Gardens tick tick tick…


Months ago, people picked up on a blog I wrote in response to finding out about the plans to concrete over Union Terrace Gardens..and the momentum has rolled on from there.
My main concern, apart from the scheme itself, was that the taxpaying resident  of Aberdeen should have a say about their city and the environment they inhabit.
People often become somewhat removed from things that are happening right under their noses, and it’s very often not until the proverbial horse has bolted from the stable, that they start to wake up to  the reality of what’s  taken place.
At the very least, my blog/opinion has contributed to raising the profile of the debate.
To me..the “real charm “ of Aberdeen lies in it’s unique historical heritage, which is something that should be protected and valued with pride.
The 60’s brought about a swathe of architectural vandalism in the name of “modernity”, when part of the core of the city was simply knocked down to be replaced with a mediocre shopping centre, which was supposed to be “modernity” at the time. I doubt that tourists are drawn to Aberdeen to visit it..
They  must be baffled  to discover what was once a unique historical townhouse, entombed and surrounded by high rise glass and concrete.
Visionary? I don’t think so. Second rate? Definitely.
Personally..I can hardly bear to think of a repeat performance, forty years later. Haven’t we learned anything???
Surely there are better ways to draw business and visitors to Aberdeen.
Councillors…the future is in your hands…. I  earnestly hope you won’t make the same mistake again.
Best wishes from Annie L.