Statement from Annie Lennox and Sony BMG UK

An article has been published in today’s Daily Mirror stating that I’d been “dumped” by Sony BMG. As you know,  this is completely untrue. My recording contract with the company has simply expired.

They obviously have been reading my blogs, but have completely misinterpreted and misreported what I’ve written.

I was referring to being totally let down by the South African branch of Sony BMG who completely disappeared, when I came to perform for the 46664 campaign in Johannesburg. In the same blog, I complimented the Norwegian company, who were absolutely great…as were the representatives from Italy and France.  I had a meeting with Ged Docherty, the head of  UK Sony BMG this afternoon, who was absolutely  mortified by the piece. The paper will be publishing a retraction tomorrow.

Annie Lennox

Please find the statement from Sony BMG UK below:

London – 15/01/08 –

Sony BMG UK sets the record straight on the company’s relationship with Annie Lennox reported in today’s Daily Mirror and other media


Sony BMG today moved to set the record straight on its relationship with Annie Lennox following a ludicrous report originating in the Daily Mirror that the artist had been dropped by her label.
Annie’s career with the company has spanned over 25 years, including 15 as a solo artist, and seen her become one of the UK’s greatest ever artists, with 80 million album sales and 33 hit singles.

In that time Annie has been honoured with 4 Grammies, 11 BRIT Awards, 5 Ivor Novello Awards, an Oscar and 2 Golden Globes among many other accolades.

Her last album due under the existing contract was released in October 2007.

Ged Doherty, Chairman of Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK, said “We are immensely proud to have worked with Annie over more than 2 decades. She now has a choice as to whether she wants to continue to work with us in the future. We very much hope that she will.”

The quotes attributed to Annie’s dissatisfaction with her label arose out of a trip in December to South Africa and have no relevance to the expiry of her contract.

Sony BMG will continue to work with Annie on her current album as well as on her SING project in support of HIV AIDS sufferers