Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Concert


Yesterday Annie Lennox joined the legendary Aretha Franklin on stage in NYC for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert. They sang ‘Chain Of Fools’ , originally released by Aretha in 1967. The show also featured performances from Metallica, Sting, U2, Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Beck, Lenny Kravitz and Lou Reed.

A four-hour television special of highlights of the concerts will premiere at 8pm on Sunday, November 29, on HBO. The Rock Hall plans to release a DVD of performances from the anniversary shows early next year. Organizers also have lined up TV deals for the concerts in 20 other countries, from South America to Europe to Asia.

Annie wore a t-shirt on stage that read "HIV POSITIVE" on the front and has “Fighting HIV/AIDS” emblazoned on the back (click here to see image). We are delighted to announce that this shirt will soon be available for purchase from the official Annie Lennox store here. Sign up to the mailing list  to be informed when new merchandise is released. Click here to find out more about The SING Campaign, an organisation founded by Annie Lennox to give a voice to HIV/AIDS women and children.

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