News Flash

Its been a really busy week for Annie with performances, press and T.V and we can now officially announce a few them for you to watch out for over the coming days

There will be interviews and reviews about Songs Of Mass Destruction and Peace One Day running next week on Radio Monte Carlo, T.V Sorrisi E, Canzoni, GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, BBC Radio 1 ,CNN and many more happening all over the world so make sure you keep an eye out in your area. We will announce specific times and dates here as soon as we get them and don’t forget you can check the forum and Annies Myspace for updates too.

We are also pleased to officially announce that VH1 Logo will be previewing the entire album this week for your listening pleasure! More info on that as soon as we get it but to pre order your copy of the album from Amazon click here

And last but definitely by no means least this Monday will see the release of the fantastic new single "Dark Road". If you haven’t already ordered your copy you can do so here

Keep checking back for more updates as we get them