NEW ROOM – Attic Unlocked In The House Of Me

It gives us great pleasure to announce that  a new room is now unlocked in the House Of Me…The Attic. Here you can explore some of Annie’s Awards, Discs and Outfits spanning her entire career. This area of the house will have new content added over time so make sure you check back to see what’s new. Visit now by clicking ‘memorabilia’ on the navigation menu or using the floor plan.

New Blog from Annie about the room…

"I wanted to let you know that as of today, there’s a new room in The House of Me, called “The Attic”, which you might find interesting. I’m such a magpie, and a holder onto things, that I kept loads of  stuff for sentimental interest and value…It’s taken SO much work, but over the last few years, I’s has been gradually catalogued and photographed, so that rather than lying in a dusty old storage unit, I’d be able to share it ‘virtually”.
Some of the items go back to the 70’s, and it’s very special to me in a particular kind of way, because it maps out a certain aspect of my life’s creation and experience  with Eurythmics and as a solo artist. So if you feel like a walk down memory lane…’s just a click or two away…"

Tips :

When the wardrobe is open you can scroll down to the HTML area and click on individual items to see images, information and videos relating to the item you are viewing.

To access the Awards and Discs the wardrobe must be closed, you can then click either side of the wardrobe to access these areas.

You can access the attic in two ways 1.Via the front door (last door on the right in the hallway) 2.Via the map situated above the main navigation menu (hover your mouse over the ‘Welcome’ sign).

In most rooms information and content are available both in the main flash area  (the box containing the room at the top of your screen) and also in the HTML area below (scroll down in any room to access the content below).

Regular visitors may need to empty your cache if your navigation bar is displaying incorrectly