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Annie Lennox Is Unafraid to ‘Sing’ About Global Crises


Annie Lennox certainly has a lot to say. Whether on the phone for more than an hour from her London home or on last year’s stellar ‘Songs of Mass Destruction’ collection, the former Eurythmics singer and platinum solo artist holds little back regarding her views on societal ills, the biggest issues facing the world today and her opinions on art. At 53, and a free agent in the music game, Lennox has a lot of deciding to do. Yet the Scottish singer refuses to slow down as long as she feels she can make a difference, something she is trying her hardest to do with the ambitious ‘Sing’ project, a combination of music and film she has personally created to highlight the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. Lennox spoke to Spinner about where she goes from here, her efforts to educate the world on what’s going on in Africa, and her early memories of Amy Winehouse and how she knew the singer would be a star.

Did you write the album mostly in London?
It’s a London-based album. To be honest with you, if you’re writing, it doesn’t really [matter], ’cause you just have to be alone with yourself or….

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