New Blog From Annie


Yesterday I was invited to a very special lunch at St James Palace on behalf of the White Ribbon Alliance, an organization dealing with the issue of maternal mortality. Were you aware that one in eight women in Africa die through giving birth?! Another horrible statistic I know, but a reality nevertheless. One hundred and fifty powerful and influential women attended. I truly believe that women are the ones who can make a difference to other women’s lives. I’m still trying to figure out how I can be most effective. The SING campaign is my vehicle for this…and everything I do with regard to some kind of contribution is part of that campaign. I make no distinction whether it’s with Comic Relief, Oxfam, 46664, or any other organisation…the issues are fundamentally the same… The protection of human rights.
Next week I’ll be flying to Los Angeles to take part in the Idol Gives Back show, then onto the Human Philanthropy Forum in San Francisco.
I’ve also managed to spend a few days in the studio, which is an absolute joy..because I am an artist…after all.
In the months ahead, there’ll be some interesting things happening, and I’ll keep you updated as much as possible…The second phase of THE HOUSE OF ME is almost ready to be presented…I want everything to happen NOW..but, as they say…. patience is a virtue!

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