Interview With A Shoe Exhibition


‘Interview with a Shoe’ is a new exhibition from UK artist Alice Instone, running from 21st May – 3rd June in London, features a series of more than twenty portraits of the favourite footwear of high profile names such as Annie Lennox, Elle Macpherson, Alexander McQueen, Bianca Jagger, Nicole Farhi, Laura Bailey and Alice Temperley.

The paintings capture a personal story from the memories of wearing the shoes. The Little Church of the West Las Vegas portrays a pair of gold platform sandals worn by Annie Lennox to the Las Vegas wedding of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. Election Trail depicts the high heeled pink stilettos of Cherie Blair, worn during the election campaign of 2005.

The description of the painting is as follows and includes a narrative by Annie:

Annie Lennox – The Little Church of the West Las Vegas, 2007 – Oil and glitter on canvas 76 x 76 cm

There was very little time to get any clothes together, as the whole thing was very “spur of the moment”. The groom and best men dashed off to a dodgy men’s outfitter to hire purple polyester suits, and I managed to find an outfit in a department store that gave me the appearance of a fabulous Indian restaurant interior (i.e. the walls).  With massive fake gold hoop earrings and a sailor’s hat… the gold platform shoes were the perfect footwear for the occasion, only the high heeled platforms made me teeter and tower over everyone else…. except for Bob of course.  He’s a tall kind of fellow that one!  You can’t teeter and tower over him for f…..s sake now can you?!”

The exhibition is running May 21 to June 3 at Beach Blanket Babylon, 19-23 Bethnal Green Road, London.

Images (Click to Enlarge)
Top Left – Oil and glitter on canvas 76 x 76 cm
Bottom Left –  Portrait of Annie from Instone’s series "21 21st Centry Women".