Annie’s Handbag Raises Fuds For Cancer Research


We’re delighted to announce that the bottletop handbag Annie donated to the Cancer Research Celebrity Handbag Auction raised  £686.66 yesterday when it sold on Ebay. and Cancer Research UK  asked celebrities to donate their much loved handbags to the auction. Click here to see the full list of celebrities involved. Funds raised from the sale of the handbags  in the auction go towards vital research into breast cancer.

Get your own Bottletop Bag!!

Bottletop, (the wonderful organisation that produced Annie’s bag) is based on a very simple recipe. They fund projects having a positive impact on the health and well-being of young people world-wide. By fund-raising through fashion and music they focus on helping small, dynamic education initiatives, with a particular emphasis on sexual and reproductive health education. The bag Annie donated is made entirely from ring-pulls and is manufactured in Brazil by a female based cooperative.
All proceeds of the  Bottletop Bag, sold on their website, go to Bottletop. The benefits to the community are two-fold: as well as the funds generated as a direct sale of the bags, there is also the benefit of developing the local industry and economy by providing a market for these bags. Click here to buy yours!

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