Annie Calls For Residents Of Aberdeen To Help Save The Union Terrace Gardens

As regular readers will know Annie Lennox posted a blog on 08.02.10  (click here to read) commenting on the proposed plans for a civic square over Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen. Annie’s comments were a response to a post from a concerned campaigner  in Annie’s forum (Click here to read the original post). Annie has called for residents of Aberdeen to get involved in the debate saying, "Aberdeen is your home town. Are you going to sit back, and do nothing while its beautiful historic centre gets ripped out and concreted over? It’s down to you to stop this happening."

Residents are invited to join the public consultation on the official website here. The consultation is open until March 5th for residents to have their say and cast their vote for or against the proposed City Square Project.

Following Annies blog several newspapers and websites have posted articles about the debate. Use the links below to view the press coverage.
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