Annie attends the Gobal Partners Forum In Ireland


Yesterday Annie was among the speakers at a major international conference on children affected by HIV and Aids in Dublin, Ireland. The forum was hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs, through Irish Aid, and UNICEF.

Peter Power, Irish Overseas Development Minister, said: “Over 1,000 children are infected daily by HIV and over 15 million worldwide have lost one or both parents to AIDS. “Ireland and UNICEF are showing leadership in the fight against HIV and AIDS."

During her presentation Annie called on governments to meet their aid pledges and work over the long term to support developing countries.

"Over the years, governments are notoriously bad at keeping their promises. We also realise that in the year 2008, many of the goals for 2015 are nowhere near the target.

"Nevertheless, we must not walk away from the issues. Governments come and go, but poverty remains.

"We can only keep trying to lobby and the advocacy must continue. It’s a long-term thing. It’s not showing up at a concert and then going away. It must be lasting."

Annie said the Irish Government was doing a "fantastic" job and stressed that ordinary people have to do more to meet the needs of frontline workers and the people they help.

"Anybody who has a laptop has a tool to connect. It’s so powerful and it’s international. We can really use the facilities that we have. We use them for social networking and really we can use them for advocacy and change."

Melanie Verwoerd, Executive Director of UNICEF Ireland said: “Even though there has been progress in the global fight against HIV and AIDS, last year some 370,000 children were newly diagnosed with HIV. “The rate of HIV infection amongst children is unacceptable and needs to be addressed by the global community as a matter of urgency.”

Aid agencies estimate that more than 1,000 children are infected with HIV every day and that over 15 million worldwide have lost one or both parents to Aids.

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Annie was interviewed by Gerry Ryan, on RTE 2fm this morning, speaking about her activism and involvement with HIV/AIDS campaigns . You can listen to the programme via listen again on their website here.   (the interview starts at 1:46:00 on the player)

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