My  younger daughter Tali recently went on a trip to Sierra Leone with Christian Aid to visit some of the projects they’ve set up in the country, and report on how things are there.
It’s been ten years since the end of the appalling civil war, and there’s not one person who hasn’t been affected by it, but a young generation is growing up with a fresh and optimistic outlook towards their future, in spite of all the challenges and difficulties they have to face.
Organisations like Christian Aid help to improve people’s lives in small ways, with simple methods, such as introducing improved tools, cooking facilities, or grass roots entrepreneurial schemes.
For Tali it was an experience of a lifetime, which has  galvanised coverage in various papers and magazines. They even had a slot on the UK’S SKY news this morning.
You can also watch some film clips about the trip on U Tube.
I’ve never insisted that my girls get on board with these kind of ventures, as I think it’s something that can’t be forced on anyone, and you have to come to it in your own way.
As it happens, they’re both very interested in world affairs, and Tali was asked to go on this trip quite separately from me. As she says, she considers herself to be very fortunate, and the experience was deeply humbling and enriching for her.
I’m proud of my girl…

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