Gender violence is a GLOBAL phenomena…One of the country’s where it’s endemic is South Africa. It’s been like this for years… all the way through the entire fabric of society.
This is a tragic fact..Not a fiction..although we all earnestly wish it wasn’t so. Wishing it away won’t change a thing.
Everyone needs to wake up to the truth, rather than avoiding it, or putting it under the carpet.
I want to encourage everyone who feels they want to see a change to become part of it…Turn your "wish" into action.
Check out organisations that are doing good work with this issue, and join or support them in what they’re doing.
The main thing is that you DON’T JUST SWITCH OFF JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THE PROBLEMS…ENGAGE and DO SOMETHING!!! Become part of the solution, not just a passive by stander!