Yesterday I succumbed

As most of you have probably surmised, the pace of my life most often goes with the momentum of a minor tsunami. This occasionally catches up with me, in the form of wipe out.
Yesterday I succumbed , and crawled into bed, with all my clothes on…( as you do when you feel like the plug’s just been pulled..i’m sure you know where I’m coming from here).
So today is a rest and recharge day, and I’ve been  laptop surfing.
The internet could easily be called the infinity net…as there’s no end to it, in a nutshell.
Usually I scan a selection of newspapers, and that leads me to stories and events that range from  deeply harrowing to cringe makingly  mundane.
But it’s all fascinating non the less..the reflection of the events of time and space contained in a virtual world…Anyhow..I want to share a discovery with you..The work of a Russian artist called Veniamin Stepanov, who I just stumbled upon fifteen minutes ago…
He has photographs of his paintings on his My Space site, and they’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before. If you’re interested in painting, or visual art, why don’t you check it out..inspiring/visional/otherworldy