Well, the “accord” ( nothing really binding) at Copenhagen has been reached, with loopholes so big you could fly a jet plane through them. So much for “extreme urgency to save the planet”.Apparently we’ve made a “first step”. I mean…either the planet is imminently about to scorch to a crisp, or it’s not. What’s the deal here??
When your house is burning down, you don’t take a “first step” out of the building..you MOVE FAST….you RUN taking GIANT STEPS!
 According to the politicians “speech rhetoric”, there seems to be a kind of feel good factor in sounding as if you’re really taking it seriously, and are genuinely making the effort required to address the situation…But then everybody knows that talk is cut price. Is anyone surprised? What did you expect?
None of the super power countries are prepared to take the massive U turn required to even start putting the brake on something that is so overdue that it’s possibly way too late in any case.
I believe that draconian measures would have to be installed to even begin to make a dent in the proceedings of global warming, but the powers that be are so totally wrapped up in serving the interests of the businesses they serve that whatever they say is just tokenism.
Environmentalists have been banging the drum for years now..The planet was being polluted, abused, exploited, raped and pillaged way before Al Gore’s film. And NONE OF THEM wanted to know. “Green” was synonymous with “ loony tunes” back then, and guess what…it still is, as far as the business of politics/corporate power is concerned.
All the NGO’s and activists..( representing the collective international  voice of civil society/ ordinary people ) were kept out of the building, and that’s exactly where they want it to be!