what’s thinking like for YOU?

One of the things I like very much about blogging, is that you can write more or less whatever you like as it comes to mind. As I’ve said before…I have no agenda…except when it comes to the SING project, where my main objective is to try to raise awareness, and give whatever support I can in the context of an appalling human tragedy.
When I try to write songs, I don’t start out with a subject…I just follow whatever enters my head.
So what I write is usually something of an organic process. I mean..you don’t strategise what you’re going to "think," unless you’re studying or following some kind of instruction. I mean…what’s thinking like for YOU?
Does it come in shapes, words, colours, feelings, senses…or is it a mixture of everything??
I can’t even begin to describe it personally. Do we all "think" in similar ways…or do we "think" differently? Obviously we all hold varying linguistic structures, perceptions and opinions..but I’m referring to "thinking" in the context of consciousness here. Doth the lady "think" too much??? I "think" I probably do….Any psychoanalysts out there??? Please don’t answer that!

PS. Just to say I’m sorry if I don’t manage to answer many of your questions…Perhaps you might want to forward or resend a few for me to try to respond to.
There’s not always enough hours in the day to follow it all through. Thanks for listening folks…