We’re in Washington

We’re in Washington till tonight’s show, and then it’s onto Nashville. All my time and energy is focused on the shows. So far everything has worked out. If people only knew the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, in all the different aspects. It’s something else..really. I always think the most amazing part  of the whole thing are our crew members, the people you don’t see, who come into the venue during the day, to start setting up the entire rig. During the show, everyone has a job to do, whether it’s to do with lighting, sound, staging, equipment, wardrobe or catering..Then it all has to be broken down, and loaded into trucks to be driven through the night to the next venue, where the process repeats itself again. It has to be seen to be believed, and it’s always amazed me.
 In any case…There were some interesting responses to my last blog.
  I wanted to find out how people felt about health care, as I believe it  is a crucial issue for every country, whatever their policies are. It has something to do with the fundamental ethics of a society as a whole..how tax money is spent, and whether it’s effective or not.. the health insurance industry, and how is functions/or not.. Actually it brings up a whole variety of different issues. No doubt, we’ll come back to the subject again at another stage soon.
 It’s interesting how the majority of people are able to articulate their points very effectively, without having to resort to provocation.  But there always seems to be someone who seems to like to be abrasive and strident for some reason.
 You may have noticed that I’ve never claimed to be  an expert on politics,  sociology or economy. But that doesn’t preclude me from having thoughts and opinions on the world as I perceive it. No one has to be an “expert” to have a view on life.   If we were all put into “boxes of expertise” the world would be even stranger than it already is.
 This site serves as a forum, among other things.. A place to exchange ideas, information etc… If  this doesn’t interest you…then I advise you don’t waste your time here.

 PS… To whom it concerns..You know who you are. I don’t like being patronised, or being told what I “should” or “shouldn’t say or do( ie… just “stick to singing” !!!). If you can’t contain your  rudeness it might be a better idea to just stick to listening to the music.