We’re in lovely Boulder

The other night I had an opportunity to get a sense of what it looks like on stage from the audiences POV. A rather good live photographer came to one of the shows ( LA?) and shot some rather beautiful stills.It’s almost impossible for me to know what a gig looks like, because I can’t  watch it as it unfolds…

Anyhow..It looks like a show I’d actually want to see..even though I have to admit I’ve hardly ever been to any shows in my life. Maybe it goes back to the time when I was four, and was taken to see the Peter Pan Xmas pantomime. For weeks afterwards, Captain H’s metal hook would nightmarishly emerge from behind the bed, to ‘come and get me”.  You never know what might happen after a show. I once saw Lindsay Kemp give a performance of FLOWERS from Jean Genet’s book. Lindsey was David Bowie’s mentor back in the days before Ziggy was about to manifest. It was so powerful that I thought I was going to pass out.
 Anyway..we’re in lovely Boulder for the show tonight. The drive took 15 hours overnight to get here..in dramatic rain/sheet lightening/ and wild thunder cracks..fabulous. My main concern for the concert is the thin altitude, which can leave you breathless and giddy. I did it last time..and even got through 2 gigs in Mexico city, so it should be fine.
 Just a mention of Carina Round, who’s opening for us every night. That girl is so talented. A true artist..not a” boil in the bag “ instant kinda thing. I’ve known her from afar for about 6 years now. Boy is she gifted. She plays guitar and sings her own self penned songs, and chats comfortably with the audiences. They love her. In the era of fast cookie cutter pop, Carina is the real deal honest to goodness one off artist. She’s doing her thing on a shoe string budget, and she needs/deserves a massive cult following..Pay attention to that girl!!! Her set starts at 7.30pm. Don’t miss her…Be there or be square.
 Love from the A girl.