The world continues to be mad

The world continues to be mad…..At least in my perception of it. And my corner is actually SO very small. Sometimes life feels like being caught up in some kind of endless drama….till you pass a puff of smoke. Maybe some of us do some good…and maybe others just create more havoc.
Thank you for all your responses to my questions. I’m  very interested to read what people have to say. The media is just SO tediously predictable..I can hardly  bear to watch television, and whenever I pick up a magazine, it feels like the equivalent of toxic junk food for the brain.
I’m glad you seem to appreciate my perticular brand of humour….yes..perticular with an “e”..just like Alannis M.
Humour is a pretty great thing…the oil to smooth the bare bone grind, so to speak. (Do you think Allan Partridge will crack the US humour market??)
Why am I asking that? I don’t know…Is he funny in America???  I think he’s hilarious, albeit darkly depressing.The Brits loved Curb Your Enthusiasm…Does it work the other way around?
Talking of which..I’m mending..but it’s tedious going to bed with what feels like an ice bucket on one foot.  I’m walking with an almost imperceptible limp, but that ain’t bad considering that I didn’t know if I was going to be permanently disabled a couple of weeks ago.  Now I’m empathising with anyone I see on the street who walks with a cane or a disability. Not that I didn’t before..but now I  feel like we’ve got a lot in common. If we all could get a sense of  walking in someone else’s shoes, then we’d  understand each other SO much better, but we’re all mostly too busy with own stuff to notice.
This is just a blah blog…It’s not an anything in perticular blog…it’s just…”blah”! “blah blah blah”!
Any questions??? Mine’s a crocodile sandwich, and make it snappy!