The Sustainability Awards

Just to let you know that I’m in NO WAY eligible for “saintdom” and come to that…my piano playing skills are fairly rubbish too!!!
The Sustainability Awards ran over time by two hours, which meant that I didn’t get on stage until midnight, at which point, my grey matter simply caved in on me, and there was no coordination between my brain, and my fingers. No one seemed to mind though…thank god…I might as well have been playing with my elbows..hey ho!
I’m going to put it all down to my first piano teacher, who told me I’d be the laughing stock of Aberdeen, because I hadn’t practiced…there’s something of a resonance still swilling around my psyche somewhere…let’s just leave it at that…!! But I’m trying folks….and I seem to have overcome a life long fear of public speaking, which I ( and others) might live to regret. I just can’t get my head around a society that’s more obsessed with hairstyles than reality…but then again..that’s just me..

Ps…what a sweet video tribute for SING!! Thankyou so much. I’m passing in onto TAC asap…It’s always nice to get a pat on the back isn’t it!