The kind of “Independent Scotland” I would support

Just to clarify..The kind of “Independent Scotland” I would support would be visionary and exemplary. It would be the kind of country that would stand for a more “humane” way forwards. The environment would be valued and protected above all. Organic farming would be encouraged and supported, so that the “brand” of all Scottish food products would be among the finest in the world. Government would prevent the eradication of fishing stocks and environmental destruction of the underwater coastline by implementing “no take” zones AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Ecologically and environmentally friendly businesses would be encouraged and supported. The country would become a “nuclear free” zone…(the new Trident missile would have to be housed elsewhere!)
The issues of urban deprivation, violent crime and anti social behaviour, including the endemic scourge of drug abuse would be faced up to in new and innovative ways. Young offenders would be given opportunities to learn valuable life skills, as opposed to repeating the same old destructive patterns of behaviour. The social services would be rejuvenated, and local communities would be encouraged to get together to engage, and try to solve the issues that affect them most.
There would be an real emphasis on education at every stage of life.  The skilled work force of teachers, doctors and nurses, coming from Scotland would be regarded as the finest in the world.
Scotland would stand for  “inclusion” as against xenophobia. Every town and village would be ‘twinned” with another town or village in an underdeveloped part of the world. These are just  some ideas from the top of my head…but a “think tank” of Scots who have lived abroad, and seen the “bigger picture” might not be a bad idea!
I’m not a politician, and neither would I ever want to become one. I like living outside the box..that’s where I thrive!