Thank you for your insightful views and responses…

Thank you for your insightful views and responses…
I’ve known/ and truly appreciated Antony for several years, but the other day I deeply immersed myself in a whole load of You Tube stuff, and found myself even more intrigued,touched and inspired.
The world is just so endlessly fascinating…We tend to think that OUR world… OUR lens, is the only lens….when the lenses are infinite and extraordinary.  Antony draws me /you into a whole other dimension, and I’m always humbled to be amazed.
Of course there are things I feel I instantly understand and connect to..Things that others might feel differently about.
I instantly connect to Antony’s “soul”, as expressed through his voice..that’s a no brainer for me.
There  are other aspects that I might not feel I  “get”…and that’s OK..It’s not a “get” contest.
I totally connect with Antony’s artwork….bloodied polar bears..indigenous  American Indians…Deeply and profoundly moving for me..Like water in the desert.
There’s no argument here…Shush! None whatsoever…My head is bowed to his brilliance, courage, freedom and insight.

Furthermore…In the 70’s we thought we were pushing boundaries..and many people were…Some of it was visionary and incredibly influential, and some of it was just scuzzy. Forty years on, the world is still evolving…with all it’s institutions and systems and inequities and plain injustices…the ‘harmony” is far from apparent. The “sustainability” is questionable…We’re all caught up in the flow of it, with no certitude…but as the Buddha says..Everything is impermanent. Now smoke that in your pipe!