Thank You!

Wow..Thank you for all the amazing responses to the question…"What is music"? Seems like it struck a chord..( groan)..Sorry.
Here’s the thing….Resurgence magazine have asked if I’d write a piece for them, and could you let me know if anyone would object to using any of the quotes you’ve given me in the article??? The funny thing is that "music" is so much a part of our culture/lives, but I started wondering if anyone stops for a moment to actually wonder what it is…..As you can see from the collected responses….most people seem to feel pretty similarly about it. I have a lot of music going in my head…at most times, whether I realise it or not. It like a random juke box.
I do listen to music occasionally….but mostly I get involved with "creating it"….For some time, the only thing I really wanted to connect to was the still sustained tones of Tibetan bowls… melodies, rhythm..chord structure..harmonies..just pure distilled sound vibration. There you go…. Am I boring..or am I just….well…. boring????