Thank God for Spring

Who could believe that it’s already the end of March..Does that mean that April is almost upon us??? Yes..indeed it does. God! My brain has turned to mush, or some other such glutinous type substance.
I came home a few days ago, and am now” in holding” till Thursday, when I’m off to Paris again. No complaints, I  add..It’s just a question of the waiting suitcase, which has been decanted, and the piles of letters yet to be sorted through. I’ve been meaning to sort through the never ending mounting pile of “stuff”, sitting like a bad conscience in the basement…(and the symbolic metaphor isn’t lost on me).
Anyhow…Thank God for Spring, and the light and  the flowers..Blossoms and magnolias exploding with colour everywhere!..Hooray for yellow daffodils and purple crocuses and all things bright and beautiful!
Is it the end of the world, or is that happening in 2012????
Hey ho..what’s the difference??
I was planning to write about Joseph Fritzl, and how I don’t understand how he managed to conceal his dark secret right under the  feet and noses of his “other” family, and the local community.
Insane? Seems like…. Deranged? Definitely…. Evil? Pretty much…Calculated? To a disturbingly fine art.
He is completely responsible for it all….But can we have understanding/sympathy for him as a human being who was severely abused as a young boy? I have sympathy for the boy, but revulsion for the adult. How many more damaged people are continuing the legacy of severe dysfunction? It doesn’t even bear thinking about. Seems like the potential for cruelty/madness is limitless, and the other thing to bear in mind is that loads of pathological folks are in positions of power. I personally think that all weapons of destruction should be criminalised. And that those with the responsibility of nations should never be allowed to “go to war”. That war should never be allowed to take place..Ever. And that religious leaders should only endorse peace. But hey….that was just a small pipe dream of mine…I know the REAL world’s not really like that.