step outside the boundaries of conventional media channels.

What I love about the internet is the facility to access and share information freely and instantaneously…A lot of  the information can’t be vouched for, but it’s interesting nevertheless to step outside the boundaries of  conventional media channels.
A lot of what we read/hear/see is  skewed and sensationalised, so we get “versions” of truth. Mainstream media is so often consumed as ‘gospel,” and people are not always  motivated or capable of getting their heads outside the box.
The conspiracy theory has been floating around for quite some time, and I have no more knowledge of what’s true than anyone else. But I do think it’s important to have the facility to step outside the Truman Show delivery of  daily events. What’s become clear to me through a lot of  your blogs is that people are not so willing to simply accept the norm. There is a certain type of mild despair/resignation/fatalism at political spin/deception/corruption etc..but there is also a groundswell of  pragmatic activism at large in all kinds of surprising places. I think we have to ‘be” the change we seek….Put that in your pipes and smoke it!
Back soon..gone to the shops for milk!