Social activism

Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to respond to my last blog!
Sometimes it’s good to get direct feedback.

My experience at Davos was very positive, and thought provoking.
To share the company of some of the most exceptional women in the planet, couldn’t be anything less than powerfully inspiring.
There is a shift afoot…without question.
When you pause for a moment to ingest the statistics..(.every five seconds a child dies ..inherently because of poverty..every minute a woman dies in childbirth..inherently because of poverty)…At a certain point you want to do something to change things for the better. Unless you’re brain dead, or emotionally/morally bankrupt, the desire for international fundamental human rights really begins to wake up and demand attention.
I like the idea of working with women…( no problem about working with men either!) But women just “get it”…and women can get things done.
I also want to make a little comment on the word “charity”….I think that the word is a little outmoded and is not applicable any more. Especially when the work of so many organisations covers the backsides of  so many inept leaders and governments, filling in the appalling gaps that should be taken care of by those who have been put in charge of the task, but fail to do so.
What we are doing is social activism…or…social entrepreneurship. The “charity” word doesn’t work for me.