SING Message and Images of Annie with Gordon Brown

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SING is not only a song…it’s a LONG TERM PROJECT. A commitment on my part to trying to make a difference in whatever way I can to the situation of HIV Aids.
The song is just one step on the road…
Many people are simply not aware of what is taking place, and the extent of the devastation wreaked by poverty and HIV Aids. I feel it’s important therefore to try RAISE AWARENESS in the best way I can.
The last trip to South Africa was extremely valuable in my own deepening process of trying to fathom an almost unfathomable situation.
The record company simply disappeared on me…despite the fact that the whole SING project has been founded and taken shape in South Africa. I have a sense that people are somewhat inured to a situation that is, in their view, just part of the landscape. So little has been done to effectively tackle a situation that is rooted in chronic and endemic poverty. A situation that is still taboo in so many ways. A situation leaving countless innocent victims in it’s wake. Abuse survivors ARE victims..children ARE victims. When people are chronically poor, they are disenfranchised and disempowered…they have no access to a collective voice.
That’s why I support Treatment Action Campaign, in their grassroots struggle to deal, to cope, to educate, to organise, to empower, to enlighten, to save, to heal, to call out…
The next few weeks will be about assessing where we’re at and where we’re going next.
There are hours of footage waiting to be edited…for the next instalment. You’ll be able to see what is happening with the people and situations we encountered on the first trip.

Images : Annie with UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on The Andrew Marr Show today.

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