I really appreciate the variety of intelligent and thoughtful responses I’m receiving from all corners of the globe. We have a common thread, in the sense that we inhabit this world, and are trying to get by as best we can. And it is overwhelming when you start to think about the endless infinite problems, not only so far away from us, but also right on our doorstep at the same time. And then we have all the difficulties we have to face in our lives..keeping sane..finding our "selves"..creating a meaningful existence..paying the bills..staying alive and healthy..etc etc..

As you may have gathered by now, I feel passionately about a great deal of issues. I’ve been a singer/songwriter and musician for about thirty years, and I feel really privileged to have been able to go further than even my dreams could have envisaged. I’ve had some extraordinary experiences in terms of performances…from the dingiest basement playing live to..well… millions of people via satellite network.

I know that music can be such an extraordinary force. Through the power of music making, people of all nations, cultures and backgrounds can join together peacefully and harmoniously. Music can be the conduit for this. There’s no other form of communication like it. It is the language of the heart, mind, body and soul. It reaches us in a uniquely special way…expressing the nuances of our ecstatic joy, and our darkest sorrow.

It is transformational.

And I can see by what people have written in, that lots of you know this very well already.

I don’t know that I’ll always be able to write every day..but I like the idea of bringing your attention to various articles that catch my eye..or pointing you to various organisations etc…( and visa versa!)

And I do love writing, as it happens…so over the months ahead it’s going to be a interesting creative adventure.

I hope that this My Space site can serve as a thought provoking forum for you..and a platform for me to express whatever I feel I want to express!

Words…don’t ya love ’em? Ah…then there’s the meaning behind them!