Quick Hello

Nooooo folks….. That’s not me as a baby! That’s a picture I took of a photo of a beautiful little Mexican baby, while I was visiting the Mexican Ministry of Health a few weeks ago! You see how everyone responds to a picture of a baby? All baby’s are precious, and our instinct is to love and protect them. That’s why I’m passionate about children’s rights and women’s/mothers rights.
Wow what stories..and so many of them!! Some very sweet, and some very dark, but so interesting. We were all there once…So many journeys since!
I can still remember sitting in my pram in the backyard of the tenement house, and the sense of cosiness that the the “roof cover” gave me. I have so many memories caught like still framed scenes in my mind’s eye.
On the post op front….I’m still living with a frozen foot, but I can walk, and it’s improving slowly. There’s lots going on still in Lennox land…but I do get incredibly tired and have to lie down and go to sleep quite often. This is just a short “hello”..will write some heavy stuff  very soon..promise!!