Peace peace peace

I have been clearing…clothes, books, receipts, stuff, stuff, stuff…
It feels good to clear, and take stock. It’s going to take a little while to figure out where I am and where I’m going, but I’m enjoying the process.
Of course…no one actually knows where they’re going. We think we do…and then we realise..that actually…we don’t.
Scary even to think like that, but perhaps that’s part of the process.
Last night I watched a fascinating documentary about the British Monarchy, all the way back to Queen Victoria up to the present day.
Fascinating. Essentially the film was asking about the "function" of the establishment…how it’s adapted and changed over the years according to who was in power and the economic/ social /political/religious influences of the time. In Victorian times, Britain was a burgeoning colonial "superpower". One over a hundred years since her death, and so much has happened. Nothing stands still, according to some thinkers, even when a butterfly flaps it’s wings on one side of the earth..there’s an effect somewhere else. The continent of Africa has been very much affected by power brokers and takers of all descriptions, since the very beginnings of colonialism, and it’s symptoms.
In Kenya yesterday, 100 Kikuyu children were burned to death, while taking refuge in a church building. The unspeakable genocide in Rwanda illustrated the hideous downside of tribalism…
When we actively take sides against the other, or others.
The last thing that country needs is a genocidal civil war. Everywhere you look there are pockets of fighting and destruction all over this planet.
Peace peace peace…we need it so badly